Tradition, culture and kwnoledge of the past together with a look to the future are the foundation of our activity.

In times that indulge the concept that aged and broken things should be disposed and substituted, we would like to think to go against the grain, to take up an important concept of the Buddhist philosophy, the so-called kintsugi (the art of repairing with gold). The Kintsugi is the art of embracing injury, of repairing and regenerating with respect and care, in order to obtain an object enriched just by signs of the time and of its own story.

We agree and support this wonderful path to recover a new and real beauty, thanks to the precious contribution of science, achievable in lasting way thorugh subsequent steps, very important for skin.
Cleansing, rebalancing of epidermal barrier, peeling, needleless lifting filler, protection an regeneration become foundamental steps, doors to be opened in succession to get shortly to reveal, brighten, celebrate and show through the skin the beauty of our story and uniqueness.

Taking care of our skin is a simple but fundamental act, an act of love towards ourselves.