ur passion is the research

The study of skin latent energy, the discovery of new actives, as biomimetic peptides, their perfect combination is the mental urge that brings us to research and experimentation. Our “revolution”: to give priority to the epidermis, that is at the same time the forefront with environment and the way to access to dermis, to care of it safely and respectfully, to drive in depth the rigenerative and energizing actives.

our target is the balance

Nature, mind and body are constantly looking for balance. That is the balance of shapes, forces and interactions that give peace, harmony and wellness. Our purpose is to restore this balance condition into the skin layers, to obtain the optimal ratio between elasticity, brightfullness, hydration and fine lines appearance.

our strenght is the result

The responses of our test together with the every-day confirmation of the results are our strenght. To surprise is our mission, the result is our satisfaction.

own research & develop and production

All our products are directly designed, developped and produced into our laboratories, where a multi-disciplinary team, with access to next-gen raw materials, ensures the creation of surprising formulations, pleasant and effective, linked to assumption of the result, which must be immediately perceivable and gratifying. All products are tested at our laboratories, so as to highlight the intrinsic charachteristics and evaluate the real efficay and total safety. Research & develop, production and packing are made directly and exclusively at our plant in Verona, to guarantee the control of entire supply chain. We strongly support the quality of Made in Italy.